Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wilmington News Journal Article

I'd like to express my thanks to Mr. Victor Greto, a journalist for the Wilmington News Journal who featured Directive 19 in the September 17, 2006 Sunday Edition of the paper.

I'm grateful to Mr. Greto and for his sparkling professionalism. The article can be viewed at:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Questions About the Research

Thanks for your continued comments. It's wonderful to hear what you think about the book.

Many of you have directed questions toward "Ease", one of the researchers for the Directive 19 book. I'd ask that you please post all questions for him under this heading as to start a new thread. Thanks!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Russian News Story

German Nazi Bullet Exits from Veteran’s Head 63 Years On

Created: 22.08.2006 11:26 MSK (GMT +3), Updated: 11:26 MSK, 9 hours 2 minutes ago

A bullet from a German Nazi gun that stuck into a Russian soldier’s skull in a WW II fight has come out — 63 years later.

Mikhail Kabalin, now 83, was wounded in September 1943 — the bullet hit his eye and got stuck in the bone, just a few millimeters away from his brain. Doctors decided to leave it as is, Komsomolskaya Pravda daily reports.

Although Mikhail lost an eye, he survived and lived quite happily, got married and raised four children.

A while ago the veteran started having nose bleeds and went to consult a doctor. It turned out that the bullet “woke up” more than half a century later and started moving out through his nose. It was removed quite easily.

The veteran now keeps the rusty, three-centimeter-long bullet wrapped in a handkerchief. He wants to leave it to his grandchildren.

Response to Recent Feedback

Again I'm pleased to see the variety of posts and to hear the many different opinions being shared here.

At this time there aren't any picture-posters or t-shirts available featuring: Chance der Waffen Wunderhund - but I appreciate the requests. Perhaps your collective interest will spawn a line of Waffen Wunderhund merchandise! Frisbees, coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters... there might be something to this...

On a serious note, I've read the many comments discussing the level of brutality contained in Directive 19 and this is something that needs to be addressed. Some readers have commented that they noticed a shift in the psychology of Mr. Schiller as he progressed and evolved in the SS. I believe it is fairly noted by his initial descriptions of the killings which are conveyed with a horrified reaction - and later it becomes more of an impersonal observation. Soldiers, police officers, doctors, nurses and EMTs are frequently desensitised by the gore and horror they confront on a daily basis. Mr. Schiller's accounts reflect this.

Was all the gore and brutality *necessary* in this book? That's a question I debated from the very start of the project. It was my personal decision to include the graphic details because it was the first time such intricacies were explained and admitted to by a former Nazi officer. There has been a lot of debate brought on by Holocaust Deniers who argue that the Jews "made up all these bitter and bloody details". Mr. Schiller clealry spelled out his actions in his own words and by doing this he confessed to the widespread brutality that he inflicted on people. I believed it was necessary for the sake of permitting a former Nazi to tell the truth about it. For those who say there's an *abundance* of blood and gore in this book - you must take a moment to realize what Mr. Schiller's job was during the era of the Third Reich. He was an interrogator and an SS Chief of Police and Security. His job was to extract information and he claims to have had the legal rights to use the means he employed. He was also a member of the Concentration Camp Inspectors Office and a Legal Affairs Officer which means a part of his job was supervising executions for the sake of writing reports about them for discussion by his superiors. In essence, the man's job was to order, arrange, plan, carry out, observe and report on mass murder. Yes. The brutal content is necessary to accurately understand Mr. Schiller's direct role in the Holocaust.

On other notes, there are no current offers to turn Directive 19 into a film or documentary. I do however itend to solicit potential candidates who can make this happen.

The subject of removing the Anonymous Posting Feature seems important to you people. I hereby offer this promise: The feature will be disabled the next time someone uses it to post an inappropriate remark. Final word.

I wanted to thank Irving for his brave and objective comments. It must have taken a lot to post your personal story here. I'm graetful you joined our discussion and I'm humbled by your thoughts about Directive 19.

As for my Nationality and Religion, I don't see where this is a valid discussion. Suffice to say I'm of European heritage and I'm a Christian. I intend to raise my children with an awareness of the truth about history and not the whitewashed fluff, exaggerated heroics and outright lies perpetuated by victors, politicians, politically correct school systems and people who wish to lay carpet over top the truth and facts of the past.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Change of User Name and General Rules for Posting

Okay, I was so anxious to make my comments that I didn't put much thought into my User Name. I have changed it from "The Author" to "The Transcriber" as this accurately reflects my role in this project. Yes, my real name is Paul K. Harker. No problems admitting it here - hell it's on the cover of the book!
I appreciate all your comments but I'd like to make a few requests and lay down some ground rules for posting.
At this point I've left the Posting Section open to the general public and folks may post as a Blog Member, Directive 19 Blog Member, anonymously, or with your real name or a pen name. I would like to continue with this format as I know many of you would like to simply post your comments without having to sign up to become a Blog Member.
However, if this open format is to continue I ask that you refrain from insulting other posters. Everyone has a right to speak their mind and comments such as "skirts in a knot" and "keep your two cents" aren't fair to people voicing their opinions. Please try to keep it all on a friendly level.

Compiling Directive 19

This post is in response to Maureen's questions.

Due to privacy issues I can't get into the details of how I came in contact with Mr. Schiller. All I knew about him initially was that he was a former SS officer and I presumed him to have been a former Waffen SS combat officer. I presented him with the idea of compiling his memoirs and at first he was apprehensive. After some thought on his behalf he began relating his accounts of the invasions of Poland (1939), France and the Low Countries (1940) and the Soviet Union (1941). When he told me about the invasion of the Soviet Union I used the opportunity to ask him questions about the infamous Einsatzgruppen activities, the Commissar Order and what his personal opinions were during the war regarding the Jews and subjugated populations. 4 months passed before I heard from him again.

I used those 4 months to research his career independently and learned he had been a member of the SS Totenkopfverbande (The SS Death's Head Division) responsible for the concentration camps, deportations and liquidations. When I confronted him about this he did not deny it. I encouraged him to proceed with his memoirs but he was very reluctant. After a few more weeks he guardedly told me what he wished to speak about and within 2 years he was telling me everything. We restarted his memoirs and ended up with Directive 19.

Mr. Schiller was NOT untruthful about his service with the Waffen SS - he had simply chosen to omit his involvement with the Totenkopfverbande. Once he agreed to full disclosure we were off and running with his memoirs.

It took 6 years to finish the book. 4 years were spent recording his memoirs via letters, emails, telephone conversations and face to face interviews conducted in Germany. Once we had the information it was necessary to put it in chronological order and verify the facts. We spent countless hours sifting through Polish, Russian, German, French, British, Dutch, Belgian, Ukrainian and American records and archives to verify his accounts. I also spoke with some of the personalities he mentioned in the book to verify Mr. Schiller's claims.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the transcription process was rendering the conversations between Mr. Schiller and other personalities in the book. In most cases I could not verify the actual words used or accurately describe reactions and responses. Mr. Schiller related the conversations to the best of his memory, however, they remain subjective to his recollections.

Much of the research was deductive. For example, in Chapter Nine on Page 130, Mr. Schiller spoke of having dinner with Heinrich Himmler, Max Burger, Amon Goth, Odilo Globocnik and Adolf Eichmann near Auschwitz in Poland. Beyond Mr. Schiller's word we had no reference to this meeting taking place. However, after reviewing archival Third Reich records we arrived at the following:

1) Himmler and Eichmann were in southwest Poland during the time in question. The records DO NOT state where exactly or what they had gone to Poland for.

2) Goth and Globocnik had departed the Lublin district and were dispatched to the Auschwitz area on orders from Himmler simultaneous to Himmler's and Eichmann's arrival at the same location.

3) Max Burger departed Berlin for Auschwitz to review industry contracts inside the concentration camp and was present in the area when this dinner/meeting took place.

4) Mr. Schiller was inspecting Auschwitz at the time in question.

Deductively, Himmler, Eichmann, Burger, Goth, Globocnik and Schiller were in the exact area at the same time. It is reasonable to conclude the dinner/meeting took place. There is nothing that contradicts Mr. Schiller's account but there is evidence to support the attending parties were present.

Much of the research cross-checked the whereabouts of other parties mentioned in the accounts. We also obtained a plethora of trial documentation and were able to verify many of Mr. Schiller's accounts based on evidence used against him during his War Crimes trial in Poland. Many current military and police museums in Europe supplied documentation as well as several of the concentration camps.

Research and diligence was the key to completing this book. It was critical to verify the accounts.

I hope this helps you.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Directive 19

Since publishing "Directive 19 - The memoirs of SS Sturmbannfuhrer Rolf Otto Schiller" (Outskirts Press 2006, ISBN # 1-59800-392-5) in March 2006, I have been frequently asked to "defend" my part in helping to compile the writings of a former Nazi SS Major.

I was given the opportunity to record history from a very unique and greatly unexplored angle. Very few books (if any at all) record the genuine Nazi perspective of the Holocaust. Directive 19 does this and my critics on and agree as the book has not received anything lower than 5 Star reviews.

The internet has propagated many false rumors about this book via chatrooms, message boards, bulletin board systems and listservers. First of all, NO MONEY from the sale of this book goes to Rolf Schiller or his estate. Mr. Schiller died in 2004. His family is not collecting any money from the sales of this book. I receive a modest sum of the profits as does my research team. $3.00 per book goes to a fund in Europe and the money is applied to the upkeep of Allied and Axis war cemeteries.

This spawned the discussion of: "How can you sleep at night when you are profiting from the story of a Nazi murderer?" I sleep very well, thank you. I spent 6 long years working with Mr. Schiller to see this book to fruition. I am recouping travel expenses, lodging expenses, food expenses and an endless list of other fees that I encountered during the 6 years it took to complete this book. I do not see it as an issue of making a profit at the expense of the individuals who suffered at the hands of Mr. Schiller. I view it as monies gained for hard ethical work. You might remember that hard work and ethics were what this country was built on before bleeding hearts and over coddled politically correct dingbats with issues started crying about things they have no comprehension of.

Another question that has surfaced is: "Are you a Nazi, Neo-Nazi or Nazi Sympathizer?" Get real folks. I have no sympathies toward the Nazi Party past or present. I recorded history. That's all I did. If you believe my part in completing this book makes me a sympathizer, you really need to get your heads on straight.

Another amusing little rumor that has circulated on a couple World War II themed message boards is that: "Mr. Schiller does not appear in the SS DALs - therefore he is a fictitious character and the book has been made up." Try doing a little more research guys and gals. Trust me - if you look past your noses and a little deeper than the superficial searches you'll find him. Others have found him too. Good Lord, Holocaust Professors, Media Consultants and Teachers (to name a few) found his records. I refuse to argue with wanna-be researchers posting anonymously on web boards who attempt to discredit this work. Do your homework by yourself boys and girls.

In closing for this post, Directive 19 is an accurate and very detailed book that frankly discusses Mr. Schiller's role in the Final Solution to the Jewish Question. The book is history. That is all it is.